Blue Diamond Pan Review: Pros, Cons and Rating


The engaging and appealing media advertisements about the new entrant Blue Diamond non-stick cookware incited many to be an owner of the product. This category is bright blue on the outside and sturdy diamond-infused ceramic on the inside. The non-stick market is increasingly becoming competitive, and only the deserving will sustain it. Blue Diamond stresses on the non-stick coating as its focus.

Let’s get into an in-depth Blue Diamond Pan review to clear all your queries and doubts.

Blue Diamond Pan Toxin Free Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

This 10-piece cookware is lightweight, which facilitates its use, and adds up complimenting to your new kitchen collection. Being 100% non-toxic, it is free of lead, PFAS, cadmium, and PFOA. The cookware is designed with a wrap-control base for added strength and long-lasting use. It has a ceramic non-stick coating, which makes it easy to clean, release food, and maintain for prolonged use.

These pots and pans set also include tempered glass, tight-fitting lids, and two nylon-based utensils. The cookware may be used on all most cooktops except induction. It is safe for use in the oven, broiler (up to 850oF), and dishwasher. The pots and pans are equipped with metal handles, which may heat up while cooking.


  • Wrap-control base technology
  • Blue diamond, ceramic non-stick coating
  • Even heat distribution
  • Oven and broiler safe (up to 850oF)
  • 100% toxin-free coating and cookware
  • Low to medium heat recommendable cooking
  • Scratch-free, corrosion-resistant

Blue Diamond Pan Review

Blue Diamond Pan Reviews

1. Product and Brand Value

The cookware is a couple of years old in the market. It has become known and sort after through media coverage. The highlight of the product is its coating for cooking ease. It has aroused the curiosity of the population, and there are many takers. If the cookware is used according to guidelines, it is a durable honest product.

The diamond dust finish makes it sturdy and lasting. The rivets are also covered by ceramic. Washing and maintaining hygienically becomes easy.  Toxic-free and no fumes in overheating. Cook eggs and stir fry sauté with utensil use and no fear of scratches. I have found the cookware of good quality. Buy and experience it yourself.

2. Design and Construction

The frying pan and skillets are the two products of this company. The structure of the skillet is such that spatula can conveniently use for flipping the food. The process does not burn the hand. The diamond-infused coating is its strength. It makes it a good conductor of heat, and food is cooked well. The heat radiates evenly all around. It is oven-friendly.

It is a cheaper choice of cookware, especially when the sale is on. The size is just correct for cooking and sharing your culinary expertise with family and friends. I do not repent my choice and recommend you add the cookware to your collection.

3. Compatibility and Performance

Some of the prospective customers are perplexed about this great cookware. They wonder they may not get cheated. This is because it is a new entrant in the market, and feedback is yet to come. Some enterprising buyers have bought the cookware and appear to be satisfied with it. They made the decision depending on the limited warranty and returnable within fixed days. The buyers' experience is mixed. The company clearly states to follow the guideline given for use.

The cookware can be used on gas-electric halogen, glass top for cooking. It cannot be used with induction plate cooking. It is oven safe and can take a high temperature. The cost is not a deterrent, and you purchase as I did. 

4. Cleaning and Maintenance

The cookware has an effortless food release and easy cleanup. The lightweight cookware is given portability and good heat distribution. The shape is such that hand movement is not restricted or burnt. The accidentally burnt food comes off easily on a spatula, and vigorous rubbing while washing is not needed. At times tissue wipe suffices.

Outside cleaning is necessary. It gets stained with oil and food. Soap and hot water give the required cleanliness. If outside is not clean, repeated cooking will burn the sticking food and make ugly marks. The handles are easy to clean as well. Hands rest on handles, and they need to be washed frequently. I am absolutely in love with my cookware. Won't you purchase one for yourself?

5. Advantages of Blue Diamond Pan

Blue Diamond Pan Review
  • You can use it on all types of cooktops such as gas, electric, glass, ceramic, halogen, and others; however, it doesn’t suit the induction cooktops. It is oven and broiler safe with temperature up to 850oF.
  • This cookware is metal utensil safe; therefore, you can use all types of forks and spatulas with this cookware without any wear and tear, or scratches.
  • It is 100% toxic-free, which means it does not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals such as cadmium, lead, PFAS, and PFOA.
  • The nonstick finish offers ten times more durability, four times better heat transfer, and five times better non-stick coating than other ordinary nonstick cookware.
  • The size of the pots and pans are ideal for cooking for the entire family, and because it is dishwasher-safe, the cookware is easy to clean and maintain, saving your time, and efforts.

6. Disadvantages of Blue Diamond Pan

  • The handles of the pots and pans are made of metal; thereby, they heat up during the cooking process – you must remain cautious so that you don’t burn yourself.
  • If you continually use the dishwasher to clean these pots and pans, they tend to peel off the nonstick coating. You may also see scratches on this cookware with prolonged use.

Customer Reviews

Blue Diamond Pan Customer Reviews

“I wanted to find out the actual size of the pans. It was not mentioned anywhere. Booking online creates these types of mistakes. I had to go to the market to get the exact size of the product. I missed out on an online discount. The travel expense was added to it. One good thing was I surveyed the market and made a sensible purchase.” – Barbara Johns

“I was happy to note that the package stated what kind of oils or sprays can be used on the cookware. It stated to use little oil or butter suited for frying for good results. The forbidden grease was virgin olive oils and oil sprays as they cannot withstand high heat. I use them on lower heat.” – Rebeca smith.

“A reviewer helped me online when I was surveying to purchase a copper pan. I was aware of this cookware through infomercials. I am happy. I bought them. Being health-conscious, I use less oil, and the product cooks well. A Paper towel is sufficient to wipe clean. The metal spatula is used without worry of scratches.” – Margret B.

“I purchased the cookware after knowing that it can be used on any stove other than induction. I have an electric stovetop, and pans work beautifully on it. The only thing that I am not happy about is the handles; it gets hot in just a minute after the cooking starts. I got silicone covers for my safe so that I don’t burn out.” Miranda Irwin 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Blue Diamond Pan cookware from?

Blue Diamond is designed and engineered in the USA, but manufacturing is done in China.

2. Does Blue Diamond Pan come with a lid? 

No, the cookware does not come with the lid. You have to purchase the relevant size from the market. This is an added cost. You can buy online, that would be easier.

3. How long is the handle?

It is about 8 inches. The size of the pan decides the size of the handle. It grips wonderfully and does not get hot when on a heat source.

4. How long does the nonstick layer stay?

The pan can be cleaned with soap and water. The eggs get stuck to the pan and end up in a garbage bin. The pan and skillet after few uses are no longer nonstick. I have followed all instructions on the package and now feel cheated for getting a bad bargain.

5. How is the diamond used?

Diamond dust is indeed used.  It is a vial of industrial diamond, and it hardens the coating. The diamond content is so low that it makes very little impact on the performance of the cookware. This could be a marketing technique. For heating and durability of diamonds, what is needed is a solid piece of diamond. Customers are not provided with this information. The core of the pan is either stainless steel or aluminum. The company has hidden facts from customers, and many feel cheated after purchase.

Final Words

Final Word On Blue Diamond Pan Review

This cookware set is an innovative contribution for long-lasting use and durability. As advertised, yes, the cookware is fully-functional and versatile for long-lasting use. These pots and pans are competitively priced, which makes it an ideal investment for working families and small kitchens. Some may have complaints regarding its wear and tear; however, this happens only on prolonged use of the dishwasher. I recommend you to hand-wash nonstick cookware for longer use and long-lasting durability. I have made a happy choice. What about you?

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