2nd Best Choice Duxtop 9100MC/BT-M20B Black 1800W Portable Induction Cooktopimg Duxtop 9100MC/BT-M20B Black 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Check Latest Price
Editor's Choice Duxtop 9600LS/BT-200DZ Portable Induction Cooktopimg Duxtop 9600LS/BT-200DZ Portable Induction Cooktop Check Latest Price
3rd Best Choice iSiLER 1800 Watts Portable Induction Cooktopimg iSiLER 1800 Watts Portable Induction Cooktop Check Latest Price

Are you looking for a portable induction cooktop? Check out our list of top 5 best portable induction cooktops.

About The Portable Induction Cooktops


Portable induction cooktops offer remarkable benefits to families.

To start with, induction cooktops have a sleek, modern look with their glass tops. Some cooktops also have stylish designs. Some ideal portable induction cooktops have stylish designs.

There's also the safety benefit, as there are no open flames or gas burners with a portable cooktop.

In addition, you can enjoy the savings from electricity and gas bills, as induction cooktops are much more energy-efficient.

For context, a traditional gas or electric stove loses a lot of energy during heat transfer, so only about 65% of the energy ends up going to heat your food. With an induction cooker, 85-90% of the heat generated goes right to your cookware.

Induction cookers heat up quickly, so you can cook your food in less time. With a portable burner, you'll have better accuracy and temperature control compared to ordinary electric and gas cooktops.

Let’s take a quick look into the science behind induction cooking.

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The Science Behind Portable Induction Cooking

Induction cooktops use electric currents to create a magnetic field, generating heat through magnetic induction. This means it can heat up your cookware directly, unlike traditional stoves. However, you need induction-compatible cookware to use these cooktops.

This lack of direct heat makes them safer, too: you could theoretically put your hand on it while it's on without burning yourself.

Why Are Portable Induction Cooktops Gaining Popularity?

Portable induction cooktops are becoming super popular with amateur chefs all around the globe. There are variants in induction cooktops, such as built-in cooktops and portable ones. The latter is gaining popularity because:

  • Portable induction cookers warm up faster compared to gas or electric stoves.
  • Portable induction burners offer more accurate temperature settings.
  • Ordinary electric cooktops take a lot of time to heat up and cool down.
  • Being able to carry and move induction cooktops is great for those who travel a lot or have limited kitchen space, such as students.
  • The energy savings can be significant over time.

So, if you're ready to buy a portable induction cooktop, we're here to help you pick the right one. Let's take a look at some factors that will determine which cooktop is right for you.

How To Choose The Best Portable Induction Cooktop?


Consider the following factors before you decide to buy a portable induction burner. These factors can affect your purchase directly or indirectly.

Yes, the entire buying process can be confusing because of how many brands are out there shoving their products at you.

Picking one brand of the many can be hard. That's why you should pay attention to these key factors before buying:

Brand Value: Choosing a cooktop from a reputed brand can be advantageous. You can generally rely on name brands for cookware, as they have been in the kitchen industry for decades. They have seen the ups and downs of the market, learned and improved their products, and pioneered over time. We suggest you go for a cooktop by a known brand, even if you have constraints on your budget.
Warranty: Most cooktops come with warranties for at least one year. It would be wise to look for a portable induction cooktop that offers at least a year’s warranty. Warranties allow you to trust and use the cooktop with full confidence.
Safety Features: Look for safety features like auto-pan detection, auto-off heating, auto-on/off safety switch, temperature detection, and so on. The more safety features in your cooktops, the safer your kitchen.
Power Ratings: This should be your primary consideration. The power rating affects your cooking speed and energy consumption. A higher power rating allows faster cooking and lower energy consumption. The power ratings of most induction cooktops range anywhere from 1000W to 2000W.
Preset Menu: Preset menus make induction cooking user-friendly. You can use the preset buttons to automatically set the temperature of your cooker. Some common presets include ones for cooking rice, frying veggies, boiling water, cooking meat, and more.
Burner Size: You should read the user manual for the induction cooktop. This will normally include the minimum and maximum range of pan sizes that can be used. The size of the burner decides this range, so if you have a specific size requirement, you should look into this factor.
Budget: Budget will be a major consideration as well. Not all of us are able to spend a fortune on a cooktop that's required in the kitchen. Our suggestion here is to compare the features with the price of the cooktop. If it includes all the features you need, then the price is worth it; otherwise, keep looking.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s go through the top 5 portable induction burners in 2021.

Quick note: If you have a pacemaker, we recommend you consult with your doctor before buying an induction cooktop.

5 Best Portable Induction Cooktops

Duxtop 9600LS/BT-200DZ Portable Induction Cooktopimg

The Duxtop induction single-burner cooktop is an amazing investment to make if you're looking for the perfect option for small home kitchens, dorm rooms, boats, RV, and more.

This cooktop is extremely portable, being lightweight and compact. It has a touch control panel that includes a fast boil button, child safety lock, timer settings, and 'keep warm' option.

The cooktop is equipped with auto-pan detection that automatically shuts off the burner 60 seconds after the pots and pans are removed. You'll need cookware with a diameter of at least 5inches.

Induction cooking with Duxtop is a smooth and safe process.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use, handle, and store
  • LCD digital sensor
  • Touch control panel
  • Magnetic cookware compatibility
  • 20 power settings (from 100W to 1800W)
  • 20 temperature settings (from 100oF to 460oF)
  • Auto-pan detection

Why We Like This Product:

With so many power and temperature settings, this Duxtop cooktop is a must-include cooktop for this list. You get the option to cook a variety of dishes on this cooktop. It is reasonably priced and is a complete value for the money.

Reviews from Amazon customers:

"The only better one I've used was a popular commercial $800 model used in restaurants that I can't remember the name of. It was definitely the best but I can't justify spending 8x the price of this one just for my home cooking...unless I was rich. That's why I bought 2 of these to put next to my 4-burner gas stove which allows me to cook multi-course meals all at the same time MasterChef style!"

"All in all this is a remarkably good induction hot plate, and is perhaps the first inexpensive induction hot plate for home use to give highly satisfactory temperature control over a very wide range. It brings an inexpensive, portable home unit very close to the control one previously had to pay far more to achieve. In this sense, this appears to be an appliance that breaks new ground that all other home-use induction hotplates will be forced to emulate. We can think of the Duxtop as bringing to the serious home cook what was previously available only in professional or high-end home kitchens."

Quick Facts
  • No. of Burners: 1
  • Watts: 1800W
  • Power Settings: 20
Duxtop 9100MC/BT-M20B Black 1800W Portable Induction Cooktopimg

The Duxtop induction cooktop utilizes the famously trusted North American electrical design.

This cooktop is lightweight, transportable, and offers simple handling and storage. This induction cooker is right for a dorm room, backyard, RV, and even for use on a boat.

This superior system gives high accuracy, too. You can pick up fifteen predesigned power types from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. This system has an 83% power efficiency rate.


  • High efficiency
  • Fifteen predesigned levels
  • Temperatures range from 140°F to 460 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 83 percentage efficiency
  • Much more energy efficient than a traditional stove
  • Offers fast heating/cooking time
  • Easy to clean

Why We Like This Product:

This induction cooker is highly efficient, and offers fast heating, responsive temperature and quick cooking time. This one is a great option when you're on a budget.

Reviews from Amazon customers:

"This cooktop is amazing. I love the portability; at times I take it outside and cook bison burgers, other times I'm brewing tea for ice tea, and usually cook all my veggies on this as the heat control is delicate and perfect. I've been using the cooktop for several months now with zero problems. I find this cooks so much quicker than my elec. range and creates less heat/steam in my kitchen."

"Overall, I've been very pleased with the plate, and have recommended it highly to friends and family. It's a time saver with meal preparation, and helps keep the kitchen cooler during the summer when meals are being prepared. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one."

Quick Facts
  • No. of Burners: 1
  • Watts: 1800W
  • Power Settings: 15
iSiLER 1800 Watts Portable Induction Cooktopimg

iSiLER's portable induction burner is a great option if you're looking for something on-the-go. It consists of 18 power levels and 17 preset temperature levels.

You can boil, stir fry, simmer, steam, sear, grill, sauté, and slow cook with this induction cooktop. It's also equipped with a child safety lock, overheating protection, and a 3-hour timer.

This induction cooktop is easy to use, maintain, handle, and carry. It's long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

The cooking surface is glass, which makes it very easy to clean. The touch buttons are large to enhance touch sensitivity. It's perfect for small and compact kitchens.


  • Premium glass surface
  • 18 power settings
  • 17 preset temperature levels
  • Temperature range (140oF to 460oF)
  • Child safety lock
  • Overheating/temperature protection
  • Easy to carry and maintain
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Resistant to wear and tear

Why We Like This Product:

The best part about this portable induction cooktop is that it has a variety of power and temperature settings, along with safety features that are useful if you have young children.

This is a must-have product if you're looking for a portable induction burner with a sleek design and great features.

Customer reviews:

"The cooktop gets hot quick, holds temperature well, does not overheat frying oils or pots. Very easy to use and clean. The surface does not scratch, the cooktop is lightweight and portable, cools off pretty quickly. Overall, it's a very good choice!"

"This thing is a huge game-changer. It heats up super-fast. I boiled eggs and used the timer feature to shut off the heat - it's idiot-proof! It would be handy when cooking a big meal for a crowd (I'm thinking of Thanksgiving here), and it would also be perfect for those living in small quarters with a tiny or no stove option. The maker included a magnet so you can test your cookware to be certain it is compatible with induction cooking. Overall, I am 100% satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend this product to a friend (in fact - I already have)."

Quick Facts
  • No. of Burners: 1
  • Watts: 1800W
  • Power Settings: 18
Cuisinart ICT-60 Black Portable 2-Burner Induction Cooktopimg

This induction cooktop has two burners that offer consistent and fast heating. It uses about 70% less energy than a traditional stovetop.

It comes with two separate burners, each with their own power and temperature settings. The left burner has eight power settings, while the right burner has five.

The timers allow up to 150 minutes of heating. The burners are individually equipped with ON/OFF switches.

If you live in a warm area, this cooktop has the added benefit of keeping your kitchen cool, as it gives off much less heat than a regular stove or oven.

The heat turns off automatically 30 seconds after you remove the pans and pots from the burner.


  • Dual power settings (LB: 8 / RB: 5)
  • LED bright display
  • Uses 70% less energy than a regular stove
  • Cooking timer up to 150 minutes
  • ON and OFF switch for each burner
  • Minimal heat loss
  • Safe, flame-free cooking
  • No exhaust or ventilation
  • Auto Shut-OFF after 30 seconds

Why We Like This Product:

Cuisinart! The name itself is enough to earn it a spot on our list of the best portable induction cooktops. However, we have other solid reasons to place it in our list.

It's a great option if you plan to entertain family and friends and use two burners for cooking a variety of dishes.

Customer reviews from Amazon:

"I ordered it and love it. I use it everyday and it works just like I need it to. The right burner is smaller and doesn't heat up as high, but still high enough to boil small to medium pot. I can use both burners and air fryer or toaster oven without tripping the breaker. I love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to having a regular stove. Very energy efficient."

Quick Facts
  • No. of Burners: 2
  • Watts: 1800W
  • Power Settings: 8 (L), 5 (R)
NuWave PIC Pro 1800W Portable Induction Cooktopimg

NuWave Pro 1800 Watts Portable Precision Induction Cooktop Burner needs 120 volts, fifteen amps power, which is standard in all homes.

It's lightweight and small to help with portability and storage. It has a 12-inch glass cooking area. It comes with a digital built-in cooking timer, programmable up to 100 hours.

This cooktop can be set anywhere from 100°F to 575°F with a precise temperature control panel.

It needs suitable induction cookware to work, such as stainless steel or cast iron cookware. The safety features include automatic shut-off and a comprehensible error message system.

This induction cooktop comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Very large temperature range compared to other portable cooktops
  • Uses up to 90% less energy than a traditional stove
  • Precise temperature control within 5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Delayable and sear option
  • Auto-shut off in sixty seconds
  • Dual coil system
  • One year warranty

Why We Like This Product:

We chose the NuWave PIC Pro since of its handy temperature control, which allows you to create more delicate meals such as seared steaks and fish fillets. It can bring water to a boil very quickly and spreads heat evenly along the cooking surface.

This useful little cooker is noiseless and easy to use. It's a great purchase and will make a fine addition to your kitchen.

Amazon reviews:

"Love the precision and the adjustable temperatures with buttons as well for a wide range of standard cooking temps...The "sear" function is great for bringing water to a quick boil and the safety of having it quickly "off-for-sure," as well. The surface retains a bit of heat from the hot pot or pan but quickly cools down. I don't use the timer function on it and the fan is not all that loud, really."

"It's the Cadillac of induction burners. Temperature control is excellent and can be adjusted in 5 degree increments...With the NuWave, food can be cooked to perfection without burning it - there's a heat setting that's right for just about anything."

Quick Facts
  • No. of Burners: 1
  • Watts: 1800W
  • Power Settings: 6

What's Best Portable Induction Cooktop?


After a careful review and much deliberation, we'vecome to a clear winner: The Duxtop 9600LS/BT-200DZ Portable Induction Cooktop.

This induction cooktop is-packed with features, a sleek design, easy-to-clean surface, and commendable durabilty. What more can you ask for?

What to Know Before Buying an Induction Burner

If you're new to induction cooking, the benefits and challenge of it may excite you. However, there are some important things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Firstly, remember that induction cooktops only work with induction-ready cookware. It's a good idea to check your current cookware beforehand to make sure that it's compatible. Otherwise, you may need to buy a whole new set of cookware to use your induction cooktop.

There is another option, however; you can always buy an induction plate adaptor. This is essentially a little disk that sits above the burner and allows you to use cookware that isn't magnetized, such as aluminum, copper and glass.

However, these aren't as effective as using the burner with induction-friendly cookware, and since you have to pay anywhere from $20-100 for an induction plate, it may be worth it to just buy a new pot or pan.

Also, it's worth noting that if you've never used an induction cooktop before, there's a bit of a learning process involved to mastering it.

Firstly, your cookware will heat much faster than with a traditional stove, which can be difficult to get used to. Secondly, induction cooking is a bit more precise, so you'll have to keep a close eye on your food for the first few times you cook with it.

Finally, keep in mind that along with pacemakers, some other devices with electromagnetic frequencies or radio waves can interfere with an induction cooker. One such item to be aware of is digital meat thermometers, which might not work properly near an induction cooker.

Thoughts, questions, or comments? Leave them below!

Editor's Choice Duxtop 9600LS/BT-200DZ Portable Induction Cooktopimg

Duxtop 9600LS/BT-200DZ Portable Induction Cooktop

  • No. of Burners: 1
  • Watts: 1800W
  • Power Settings: 20
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