About HomeDesignX

In the age of information “just google it” has become one of the most used phrases out there and yet, it’s also one of the most useless.

With so many information available, you’re bound to find conflicting opinions or even the same opinion repeated over and over again; and while the amount of information may look good on Google, it doesn’t really work for people, who may be confused or even frustrated by the sheer amount of data they have to go through.

We’re here to put a stop to that.

​HomeDesignX was created with the intent of gathering the best of the best when it comes to reviewing household products and giving tips on home improvement.

We’ll focus on home design, home improvement, cooking, cookware and various products, amongst other things, though we’re always open to suggestions! 

How Do We Do This?

In ​​HomeDesignX we’ve made sure to hire the best of the best in order to recommend the best of the best to our visitors.

Our reviewers and curators work to select the best products by reviewing a whole bunch of them and presenting them to our entire team. This way, we can ensure we have the opinion or a large group of people from all walks of life rather than a single writer.

Once the products are selected, a writer of our team will flesh out the review to give you as many relevant details as possible, allowing you to make the final choice for yourself.

While we don’t test all the products we review, we do follow very strict guidelines when it comes to selecting the ones we plan on talking about. That said, we do try the products whenever possible in order to ensure a more informed opinion.

Having a large team of reviewers also allows us to avoid coming up with a single winner, though we do have our preferences, and presenting a list of articles that will help a wide variety of people. Thus ensuring you can find the product that best fits your life.

How About the Tips?

When it comes to tips, we follow a different approach.

Rather than piling up suggestions made by our entire team, we give the task to our writers, making sure each writer writes about the subject they’re more comfortable with.

Thus, our cooking tips are written by someone who loves to cook. Our DIY articles will be written by a DIY enthusiasm, etc.

This allows us to find the best tips for you while also keeping things engaging and lighthearted.

No technical languages and phrases you may not understand. Our tips are written by regular people for regular people, keeping them clear and concise so you get the information you need in as little time as possible.

Our goal is to be the place you go to for information on home products and home improvement, so that you don’t go through the process of googling and then having to sort through mountains of similar and poorly worded information.