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Jessica McLaughlinFounder

As one of the founding members of HomeDesignX, Jessica handles many responsibilities and wears many hats around the company. For one, she oversees all content published on the site, using her many years of cooking experience to ensure accuracy.

Jessica also handles marketing and outreach management. Despite having taken many culinary classes over the years, the majority of her kitchen experience comes from cooking for her three kids.

Talya DavisCo-Founder

Talya, like all members of the HomeDesignX team, is enamored by all things related to cooking and eating. She’s written cookware articles for numerous publications before working with her lifelong friend Jessica to create their very own website on cookware.

She's currently writing a book on induction cooktops, and enjoys making clean, vegan meals for her family.

Kevin LeeLead Editor

Growing up in an Asian-American home in the diverse city of Stockton, California, Lee experienced a wide variety of cooking methods and learned many culinary styles. After receiving his B.A. in writing, he joined the HomeDesignX team as lead editor.

Kevin handles general editing for the articles published on HomeDesignX.

Anne GardnerWriter & Associate Editor

Anne is the most recent addition to the HomeDesignX team, having joined in 2020. She’s excited to be aboard and we’re just as excited to have her. She helps with content writing (particularly for cookware review articles) and assists with editing when needed.

While HomeDesignX occasionally employs the work of freelance writers for our articles, Anne is our main content writer.

Our Goal

Our mission is simple: to help everyone improve their kitchen, cooking experience, and cooking skills with accessible info and helpful articles. We want to help you save money and make an informed decision on cookware and other kitchen needs. As well, we strive to help our readers stay healthy by providing articles on the best types of cookware to prepare healthy, delicious meals for your family without breaking the bank.

We regularly publish articles covering everything from cookware reviews to kitchen guides.

We’re here to help you learn about:

  • Different cookware materials to best suit your kitchen needs;
  • The best brands for cookware, ovens, toasters, smokers, grills, and other appliances;
  • How-to articles on cleaning, cookware maintenance, and more;
  • Product reviews;

And much more!

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At HomeDesignX, we take great pride in the content we publish. Our articles are written and edited with quality in mind, and we are constantly updating our existing articles to ensure accuracy. If, for any reason, you find an article or page on our website does not hold to our usual standards, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@homedesignx.com.

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However, all of our cookware articles are based on independent research and user reviews. This means all of our content is first and foremost focused on delivering accuracy and reliability – we do not compromise on the quality of our articles for the sake of affiliate deals.

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