2nd Best Choice Cuisinart CPT-180P1 4-Slice Classic Metal toaster, Made in the USAimg Cuisinart CPT-180P1 4-Slice Classic Metal toaster, Made in the USA Check Latest Price
Editor's Choice Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Classic Chrome USA-Made Toasterimg Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Classic Chrome USA-Made Toaster Check Latest Price
3rd Best Choice REDMOND Retro 2-Slice Stainless Steel Compact Toasterimg REDMOND Retro 2-Slice Stainless Steel Compact Toaster Check Latest Price

Are you looking for the best made in USA toaster?

Here's our full review of top 5 made in USA toasters and why you should buy them.

The current trend of vegetarian dishes has boosted the demand for good toasters. Modern toasters have a steel body, great cleaning options, and appealing designs. They have six levels of browning and can toast in an instant for tasty morning toasts. Be aware of the precautions that are mentioned below, too.

Considering the popularity of these toasters made in America, it's time for us to have a look at the top-trending glass toaster options this year. We have made these considerations keeping in mind the product ratings, customer reviews, and brand and product value.

Top 5 Best Toasters Made In USA

Let's have a look at the top 5 made in USA, trending toasters that are in-demand this year!

Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Classic Chrome USA-Made Toasterimg

Hamilton Beach classic chrome toasters allows the user to make toast and more. Additionally, the user can try the settings to cook bagels. Use this bagel cooking option to toast single sides of the bagels. Continue this same setting to toast buns and even English muffins.

Unlike many toasters, this unit has four large slots to accommodate large items like thick bread, bagels, and artisanal. You can even heat waffle slices in it. You also get reheating and defrosting options with this American toaster.

After the slices are browned to your liking, they will start lifting above the usual level. This high lift stage shows that the slices are toasted properly.

There are a pair of switchboards on the front face. It has a nine-setting circular revolving knob for various browning levels. Additionally, it has buttons for power off and on, bagel setting, defrost, and reheat. Two bread slices use one switchboard.

Quick Facts
  • Capacity: 4 slices
  • Power: 1500W
Cuisinart CPT-180P1 4-Slice Classic Metal toaster, Made in the USAimg

This American toaster has dual switchboards that help you to create two toasts in one switch set. This appliance is built with smooth, stainless-steel material. The best part here is that you can use the six levels of browning dial.

Besides the dials, it also has options for dual reheating, bagel, and defrosting. There are LED indicators for the bagel setting. This unit has one-and-a-half-inch broad toasting slots. You can enjoy the high lift mechanism where the slice pops up, making it easier to grab when it's toasted.

Cleaning is easy for this unit since you can remove unwanted crumbs by sliding out the tray underneath and get rid of the crumbs that fall. The unit also has an easy wire storing option, so you don't have to worry about messy or tangled wires. This unit does not contain BPA at all.

Cook safe food for your family anytime! The whole appliance weighs only about 6 pounds, and it measures 11.15 inches long and 7.5 inches tall. This makes it easily portable, so you can move it around the kitchen if needed.

Quick Facts
  • Capacity: 4 slices
  • Power: 1800W
REDMOND Retro 2-Slice Stainless Steel Compact Toasterimg

If you are looking for a mess-free, headache-free unit, then buy the Redmond Retro two-slice steel compact toaster. Though a bit on the small side, this unit is easy to maintain. Plus, the toaster looks avant-garde with the dark and glossy finishing. It keeps things simple with only one control unit for toasting.

This American made unit is 18/8 stainless-steel. Anyone can clean this toaster in a few minutes; wiping the unit with a cloth is sufficient.

Do be careful, though, not to place your fingers on the body of the toaster. The steel body will warm up easily and burn your skin if you don't pay attention. On the topic of browning levels, it has seven of them. Move the knob in a circular direction to set the toasting time.

For golden yellow, the unit manufacturers suggest you use three and four levels. Start thawing the bread in the early part of the day for a delicious meal. Defrost the slices or use the options for the bagel, waffle, or english muffin.

Quick Facts
  • Capacity: 2 slices
  • Power: 800W
CUSINAID Black 2-Slice USA-made Toasterimg

The Cusinaid Black toaster has multiple ways to make toast properly. Reheat the bread slices and cancel the toasting at an optimal time. You can use the six levels of browning to get the desired crunchiness. This unit produces light, golden, and dark-toned bread slices.

The toaster has wiring that heats uniformly on each side of the slots. The cleaning process is painless thanks to the detachable crumb tray.

The unit uses a safe 18/8 stainless-steel brushing body. The arch shape lends distinct trendiness to your kitchen. However, these toasters do not have a bagel option.

The buttons are stylishly designed and laid on the unit for easy use. Wipe the unit clean using a wet cloth (when unplugged) since it has a steel body. Since it is made from steel, the unit can get warm. Do not keep any part of your body too close to the toaster while toasting.

Quick Facts
  • Capacity: 2 slices
  • Power: 850W
REDMOND ST026 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toasterimg

The Redmond four-slice Stainless steel toasters are a good option for toasting your breakfast. Here, you can easily clean the steel body using a damp cloth. Steel is safe to use for cooking food.

Do take care not to place any body part near the toaster while cooking, because the steel material gets warm quickly. The design of the toaster is trendy and adds a fresh appeal to your kitchen counters. Make six types of toasts to match different tastes, up to four at a time.

This has a one-year purchase warranty plus lifetime support. Use the toaster for quick four-slice toasting. The 1.5 inch slots are wide enough for any slice. Cook both thick and thin slices. You can use the six levels for browning that use 1650 watts to heat. You get dual, bagel, and defrost options in this unit.

These toasters are simple to use with these qualities. They have a high lift option, slide-out crumb tray, and a convenient wire slot. Making breakfast or lunch will be easy with this toaster.

Quick Facts
  • Capacity: 2 slices
  • Power: 1650W

Final Verdict


After examining many toasters made in America, we chose the Redmond Retro two-slice toaster at number three above as the best toaster for most people. This American-made toaster unit is stylish and has a simple design, something minimalists will appreciate. Moreover, this American toaster has got 4.8 stars rating out of 5 on Amazon.

Editor's Choice Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Classic Chrome USA-Made Toasterimg

Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Classic Chrome USA-Made Toaster

  • Capacity: 4 slices
  • Power: 1500W
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