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Are you looking for an induction cooktop for RV? Here are full reviews and top 3 best RV induction cooktops you should buy.

About Recreational Vehicles


The word induction expresses a particular way of generating heat. In 1989 Bosch started a marketing induction cooktop. Through induction cooktops, an electromagnetic reaction happens between the burner and the magnetic pot and pan. Through this technology, the pan became the source of heat rather than a stovetop. Two metals used for pot and pan is the cast iron and magnetic steel. The heat is retained within the pan. For cooking outdoors, you need such a type of cooking method.

We are concentrating on induction stoves that are great for use in recreational vehicles; therefore, we will look into every detail that shall be useful for you when going out on your trip and cooking inside an RV. Let’s read further.

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About Induction Cooktops for RVs

An induction cooktop does not work with a flame to cook. The safer method it uses is the magnetic field. This flameless substitute keeps the vehicle safe. The phenomenon in use is the method of electric induction. Thus, energy is created within the pan.

The cooktop is laid out with electromagnetic coils out of sight below the glass surface. Heat is generated through electric induction and transferred it into the cookware. An energy supplied stove heats the sides of the pan. The induction cooktop permits the whole bottom surface of the pan to get heated. There is the use of electrical conduction rather than thermal conduction or electric heating element.

After a thorough read and use, I have short-listed the top 3 induction cooktops that are best used for RVs, and that has gained tremendous popularity in this year’s market. Let’s have a look at them:

Now that you’ve seen our top 3 recommendations of the best RV induction cooktop, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them.

3 Best RV Induction Cooktop Reviews

iSiLER Black Sensor Touch Portable Electric Induction Cooktopimg

My budget for an induction cooktop was limited. In my online research, I found this induction cooktop. It was the cheapest among the lot. On further exploration, I discovered it has great features like consumption levels giving perfect cooking conditions. It can deep fry, simmer, sear, slow cook, grill at varying power levels. The temperature levels were straightforward to operate. The timer I was happy to note will allow me to do other things as cooking is carried on. I placed my online order.

I was looking for a portable, lightweight, and compact design in an induction cooktop. Moreover, something which is easy to install and use its processes. The choice in color was also there. It suited my RV perfectly. I planned to be in the market soon to get my piece.

Quick Facts
  • No. of Burners: 1
  • Easy to clean
  • Power and temperature adjustment knob
  • Safety features
  • Portable
  • Timer and safety knob
Duxtop E200A RV-Friendly Portable Induction Cooktopimg

I searched the market for a portable induction cooktop and was told by the salesman about this product. First, it is light in weight, easy to carry. Moreover, it is convenient to handle and store. It is most suited for people on the move. Once home, it can be used for backyard cooking. I was fascinated by its 20 power levels from 100 W -1800 W. This means I can control the cooking process.

The 20 temperature level settings beginning from 100F-460F will aid my cooking. The glass panel I found perfect. I can easily maintain hygiene without much effort. All it needs is a wipe. There were safety features for over-heating, auto-pan detection, and voltage warning system. I was a little apprehensive about the pots sliding. I immediately bought this product and am looking forward to using it.

Quick Facts
  • No. of Burners: 1
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Sensor touch
  • Auto pan detection
  • Ten pre-set levels of power
Furrion FIH1ZEA-BG RV Portable Induction Cooktopimg

My friend showed me this electric induction cooktop recently. The control panel was well placed, and the LED light display was very appropriate. The options in the control panel were for temperature, heat, power, clock, timer, and power options. This product was very easy to operate. I could see that the product was versatile. Moreover, it could be fitted inside my RV or the campervan we sometimes hired. I decided then and there that I shall buy this brand.

I was double-minded when I saw this company product with all its features. Then the salesman informed me that there is a warranty period. I was delighted to know this because I will have enough time to decide whether or not this cooktop will fit my needs.

Quick Facts
  • No. of Burners: 1
  • Safe one top burner
  • Control panel with LED light
  • Smart technology
  • Safety features
  • Warranty

Why Should You Choose Induction Cooktops For Your Recreational Vehicles?

User-friendly: You can follow the manual guidelines and operate the induction cooktop.

Efficiency: The performance of the induction cooktop has efficiency. For instance, food can be heated at a higher temperature in a short duration of time. It contributes 80%-90% of the energy to the cookware. Thus the food is cooked much faster.

The one-touch settings: The cooktop has cooking features like simmering, warming, etc. which become operational by one-touch button press.
Control-heat can be controlled by efficiency by heat control.

Safe: There is no flame as the mode of operation is magnetism for heat generation. Thus, the suddenness of heat flaring up is not there. You are unlikely to burn yourself. In most cooktops, the heat is automatically turned off immediately after the pan is lifted. It will not generate heat until the pan is placed on it.

Compact: The size of the cooktop is appropriate for less space, such as in RVs, campers, etc.

Durable: If used with care, they last for a long time. The manufactures claim 30,000 hours of cooking.

Cleaning: Cleaning is easy with RV cooktops; just one wipe will do get your job done.

As we already know, induction cooktops have become the most-wanted cooking option for RVs, but we also need to know the various other factors that make it the Winner in the stovetop range. Let’s read them:

There are always a few setbacks to look for before making a purchase; even RV induction cooktops aren’t left out. Although these setbacks are negligible, we should consider and have a look at them:

Major Setbacks of using Induction Cooktops in your RV

Buying an induction cooktop is not as cheap as the technology is still new.

For cooking, special cookware is needed. This is an extra investment along with the cooktop.

On the high setting, this cooktop makes a buzzing sound. The sound is the result of the cookware and not the cooktop. Light steel pans are noisier. I understand if you have a few questions unanswered, we must look at them. I have listed some important answers to questions that people have in their minds when they buy induction cooktops for RV. Let’s have a look at them:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Portable V/s. built-in induction cooktops – which one is better for RVs?

The portable cooktops are better because it is light and compact and can be carried in and out of the RV. During camping, expedition cooking can be done outdoors.

2. What should you look for when buying induction cooktops for RVs?

The price and if that suits you. After this, keep your needs in mind and make the purchase. The cookware will last a long time.

3. Which cooktop is ideal for RV – single burner or double burner?

The double burner cooktop is versatile, which permits a faster cooking process. The portable is worth its price.

4. Does the RV induction cooktop require a special rangehood?

A section of people feels that no range hood is needed. The function of the range hood is to cool the superheated air produced by the cooktop.

5. Do you need vents for induction cooktops installed in RVs?

The induction cooktop does not require a lot of venting. However, it requires ventilation because steam, grease as well as grease will be emitted from the pot and ventilation is needed.

Final Verdict

Once you purchase the RV induction cooktop, you can enjoy its benefits. The hassle-free cooking, even in the remote area, will provide you with tasty food. However, when you purchase the product, keep in mind your desired usage and the features of the cooktop. This way, you will not be compromising on your lifestyle.

Editor's Choice iSiLER Black Sensor Touch Portable Electric Induction Cooktopimg

iSiLER Black Sensor Touch Portable Electric Induction Cooktop

  • No. of Burners: 1
  • Easy to clean
  • Power and temperature adjustment knob
  • Safety features
  • Portable
  • Timer and safety knob
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